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  1. @maxmp can provide 2 options for player ui.. present one woth wavebar and 2nd one being d old style ui with seekbar and play pause forward backward button.. looks like not many ppl r fan of wavebar like me
  2. @maxmp1 simple playscreen as spotify.. with play pause n seekbar is what is missing... rest all works jzt fine for me
  3. Highly recommend to provide two options for main player.. 1 new one with wave seekbar..n one d old style .. play pause and seekbar..
  4. https://www.facebook.com/xda.developers/posts/10155467089986302 Article from xda
  5. @maxmp is it possible for u to provide us old seekbar as a option.. Rest all d UI is jzt awesome...worth the wait
  6. @maxmpOmg..wow..awesome..thnks only thing i dodnt like was d new wave seekbar ...is it possible that in the future releases we hav option to switch to old seekbar also lockscreen doesnt wotk on s9+
  7. Wow...Finally we can see light at the ened of the tunnel
  8. I believe there will be yet another disappointment from max..