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  1. Is the Replay Gain working fine at the moment? I did not use it for a long time and wanted to know.
  2. I thought you will add white theme in the existed skin...
  3. x1ld3n

    Batch tag editing for whole albums

    I would suggest you to use Mp3tag / TagScanner on PC or Automatic Tag Editor on Android
  4. x1ld3n

    Poweramp beta build-792

    Try uninstall then clean reinstall
  5. Why "Not today" means not even tomorrow or this week or even this month. If you say that it will be done in Monday you should be sure that it will be done in Monday. Ok, you can release it 1-2 days later because everything can happen but I'm sure it will be released not even this year.
  6. Wtf i checked the forum 2 months ago and now it's still not done.
  7. I also don't understant the point of this thumbs up/down rating. If i don't like the song - i delete it.
  8. Max said that the progress bar will be similar to the SoundCloud one. So this is it. As you can see half of it is white and half is a bit darker.
  9. That is progress bar i guess, no visualiser. If there is a visualiser it will be most likely in the cover image area.
  10. I hope it will be an audiophile music player with awesome UI and UX.
  11. Let's be realistic. There will be no update in November. At the best in early 2018.
  12. Good luck. Make everything work fine. We will wait. And do not pay attention to negative comments.