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  1. 22 hours ago, Thind said:

    This is only second time I'm asking for actual ETA since March so one sincere request to all the admins and lord @maxmp himself?:

    When can I expect the next beta/stable release of v3?

    You won't get an answer. Other than maybe "It will be released when it's done. And it will be done, whenever it's done."

    It is rather off putting when you can't get an official monthly update on how things are going. Or even a bit more timely updates.

  2. I guess we're just gonna have to be content with what we have. No consistent updates, be it physical or even posts in here.. which is kind of mind boggling. If it's taking this long to get from Alpha to Beta... how long for Beta to full? Holy smokes... I'm thinking end of yr at the earliest or mid 2019 at the latest. I'm content with 709 for now, but would love to see a small update to 790 to include all the sorting options.

  3. On 7/6/2018 at 4:19 PM, utahman1971 said:

    It won't be released anyways, just face it. Just keep 709 and stick with it or none functional 790. I am planning being dead before release, and it won't be because of suicide either.

    So you think it's not going to be released and or you'll be dead anyway... RIP.

    Let me know where you're buried, so when it does get released... I'll come leave a message on your tombstone in black Sharpie

  4. 19 minutes ago, kunimasai said:

    Poweramp is a company, charging users a fee for the product.  Here you are asking the paying customer to develop their own product to see if it's hard to do.  We pay for the product so "professionals" can do it and treat us right, not to listen to amateurs like you.  If Poweramp wants to run like a more professional business then start acting like one.  Mods like you is not helping on the PR front.

    Poweramp needs to project manage their product, set realistic deadlines and deliver the product.  I don't care if this operation is a 1 man show or 100 man show, you have paying customers, now do your part.  Otherwise, get out of this business if you can't handle customer complaints.

    First off... he isn't a Mod or at least it doesn't show him being one. And second... you have a working version available and you paid for it. There are ZERO expectations from ANY company, in regards to releasing anything past what you paid for. And calling a 1 man $5 a pop cellphone app a company is a stretch. Small business... maybe. Oh and if you paid for the app in anticipation of the new version... that's your own fault, not the developers.

  5. All the whiners should be glad that Max is level headed, else he could screw the whole community with all your crying and stop development all together. Nobody should be faulted for doing the best they can possibly do. So many elite users... the man is doing what he can and crying about it, isn't gonna make him move any faster. Can't deal with it... good luck finding another app that's so feature rich and only charges $4. I think it's time for the ban hammer for some people.

  6. My S8+ AKGs are horrible. I don't want to spend a fortune... but alas I have always been a firm believer that ya get what ya paid for. A few things that the buds positively must support are the following:

    Very high volume without crackling

    Solid thumping bass

    Fit deeply and snugly into the ear canal

    Not a game changer, but if they have ear loops it would be a bonus.

    Won't break the bank... if possible.

  7. Doesn't the app only need to verify one time and that's it? I have had the latest beta installed and I had verified it with my info (I purchased through the website) almost a month ago and been using it since with no problems. Then all of a sudden mid tinkering with some new mp3's last night... it closes and a message pops up talking about Can't verify yadda yadda ? I sent an email explaining but I think I might have gotten an auto response, so I replied with added info. Figured I would ask in here as I might get a quicker answer. I thought about reinstalling... but I want to be sure first because I don't want to reinstall and a month later it happen again.

  8. If it is currently playing a song by that artist then it will not start again from the beginning of the same Artist, but carry on where it left off. You should set Repeat mode set to Advance List too, otherwise it will indeed stop on the last track of each 'list' (Artist in this case).




    Thanks for the info. I set the repeat mode to start at beginning of list and that did the trick. To be honest, I find it annoying that you have to do that for each and every list. That IMO should be something set by default to always start at the beginning of a list once it's completed and stopped, same goes for when you have a list going and hold the pause button which stops the list... it should revert to the beginning. The only time a list should start where it left off, is when you pause it.


    Whats the point of a list ending and then it playing only the last song when you try replaying it without having it set to start back at beginning? It's like playing a CD or Vinyl... once it's done or you stop it, they go back to start.

  9. If I go into Library... Artists... and then press and hold the artist name, I can hit play and it should play all the songs of that artist. Problem I'm having is that it played all the songs the first time I did it, but now when I press and hold... it's only playing the last song and then when the songs finishes it says End List or something of that nature. For some reason it's not starting at the beginning of the list.

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