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  1. Looking to see if there are any visualizations that are like the spectrum-plain Builtin, but with shifting colors? Something to make it pop a little more than plain old blue bars.
  2. Confusing... as far as I was aware, the Volume Leveling done in MediaMonkey Gold should carry over... yet the volumes seem wildly different in a lot of the files. So I should try using MP3 Gain and should see better results?
  3. Any idea why volume normalization has been a requested item for some time, yet has never been implemented? Drives me crazy that I hit one song I can barely hear then the next one blows my eardrums out. Have tried MediaMonkeys Volume Leveling but doesn't seem to have any effect. Wondering if the app is missing something that doesn't allow for it too work properly or what? But for sure it really would be nice to see a normalization option.
  4. Yea for me I would probably just go with Soundtrack. Trying to go with the "less is better" approach. 🤣
  5. My problem is I'm OCD and things have to be spot on. I realize a lot of artists can fall under multiple genres, but I'm trying to decide which genre out of 50 that might be attached to an artist I should pick to make it easier when sorting by genre. Maybe keep it simple like: Oldies Classic Rock Rock Hard Rock Metal Heavy Metal Rap Hip-Hop Am I missing anything? (shrugs shoulders)
  6. How do you all figure out the genre for an artist? Do you maybe use a website to search for artist and genre? There are so many genres it makes my head spin.
  7. Would really like to see the ability to backup and restore from Dropbox. I have a few apps that use this and would be nice to have the option.
  8. Updated to latest version and still having this issue. Please fix.
  9. PA will not show album art if in the tags for song, you have the prefix "A" within Artist and Album. If you remove the "A" from either of those 2 sections, the album art shows.
  10. Crashing when switching songs... how do I get back to Google Play 795?
  11. Not much detail to tell... it just stops playing.
  12. Awesome... thanks for letting me know.
  13. Well.... I hope I'm not the only one with this issue or I'm screwed. The only options that actually works properly where pressing play, plays everything within the category... is All Songs and Recently Added (Though Recently seems more like All songs... not sure how far back it looks)
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