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  1. I just went back to beta preview build 790 uni full version because its the only build where Hi Res works on my LGV10 i got tired of waiting on a response from MXP or whomever was going to help me with getting Hi Res to work on 795 and 796 neither of these could activate Hi Res for my LGV10 so i guess preview build 790 will do and it sucks because it wont load my whole library of albums from my SD card or Internal memory is this build is ONLY a preview and not for day to day use but i got tired of not getting a response to help me out with this issue on 795 or 796 ...
  2. 1. LG V10 T-mobile 2. Android 7.0 3. Im running beta build 795-uni (Full Version) Cant get Hi res to activate i get a Failed error each time i try to. I have the pdf of the DAC and Amp specifications press release below from LG for V10. Clean_LG_Press_Release_0-01-2015.pdf
  3. I have a LG V10 T-Mobile variant on Nougat 7.0 and all the builds except the 792 preview beta Hi Res will not work. I have 96 24 and 192 24 bit music FLAC and just downloaded beta build 795 uni pak and HI Res will not activate. This is frustrating can somebody please help me with this as to why it's not working?
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