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  1. By jove I think it's working (as of build 860)
  2. Excellent, thanks for the quick and helpful replies Andre.
  3. Thanks Andre! I thought it might be a setting that I'd missed or misunderstood. I have the global setting you mention enabled, so I'll turn that off and see how I get on. Can you clarify about the "songs-level list" though? So my album is now playing, and if I click from the playlist: three dots, List Options, settings cog then I can see a "Store/restore per track progress" option. Is this the one you mean, and is this one only for listening to an album? And, is this setting independent of the same setting for Folders? A Queue? (anything else?) Thanks!
  4. Hi - sorry for the vague subject Title but I'm not sure how to describe this one briefly. Here we go with the long description! I'm listening to an album, and lets say I'm currently on track three at 43s into the track. But I'm interested in hearing something at the end of track 2, say a song ending or how the music transitions from track two to track three (lets say it's a live album and there's a cool segue between songs) So I skip back from track 3 to track 2 then scan back a few seconds so I'm listening from 10-20 seconds before the end of track 2. Everything fine so far, howeve
  5. Hello! Any news on restoring this feature? Thanks :)
  6. hi - sorry to pester and revive an old thread, but any news on including this fix in an upcoming release? (my current version is v3-build-836-arm64-play full version btw) Thanks!
  7. Panic over - just found the Visualisation on/off button
  8. Just noticed that the visual effect behind the album art (is this "eq visualisation"?) is now permanently on. It was off before. Has the pro button setting switched this on? Turning pro button off doesn't make the effect stop. Any idea what's happened here? Thanks!
  9. Thanks! Spot on. It wouldn't have occurred to me to look in Skins btw, but job done anyway. Tony
  10. On Poweramp V2 there were advance/rewind buttons where I could do a single tap for next/previous track, or hold to scan ffwd/rewind through a track. With V3 I know I can swipe left/right for previous/next trap, but is there a ffwd/rewind functionality that I'm not seeing somewhere? If it's not there can it be added? Thanks! Tony
  11. This advice has led to the most accurate scrobbling performance I've seen in ages. Thanks!
  12. Is there a .cue file in the same directory? I had the same problem. Turns out the .cue file defined the track names (albeit wrongly) but there was no band nor album definition in the .cue file. I removed the .cue and deleted the album from my phone, then copied the album over again without the .cue file. Full rescan and bingo, job done. Just in case it's useful, I replied with the same method to this problem as well:
  13. I recently found an album which had a cue file with no Artist, Album, or AlbumArtist info. Despite the mp3 files for this album being fully and correctly tagged with no unusual characters, the album was listed in Poweramp (816) as Unknown Artist/Unknown Album. Deleting the cue file and full rescan fixed the problem. I've no idea if this is relevant here though
  14. Hi, a feature I'd welcome is in the playback view , as well as "track time elapsed" and "total track time", an extra time display that shows the total length of the current list (whether it's an album, or a queue) and time left until the current list is complete. Thanks for the consideration.
  15. Ok, thanks for the update. I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  16. Hi, just curious if you expected this to be fixed in build 814? I updated over the weekend and still have the same behaviour, unless I've missed an option or setting somewhere - please advise if so. Thanks!
  17. I've been experiencing this recently, but with the previous version of Poweramp as well. Most of the time I'll see the last.fm symbol appear briefly in my status bar then disappear, sometimes (rarely) it will persist for the song's duration and I'll get a successful scrobble. I suspect the problem is something to do with the Last.fm app, as I've seen the same problem scrobbling from Spotify playback as well. Spotify will also scrobble on its own, so I should see double scrobbles - I only get one per track though, and zero when I turn off Spotify's scrobbling feature. I get pretty muc
  18. Excellent, thanks for the quick reply and confirmation. Tony
  19. Hi all, Big thumbs up in general for the new-look Poweramp. I'm running v3-build-812-play, full version. Something I can't work out though - previously, while listening to an album, I was able to add songs to the Queue and these queued songs would start playing in queued order when the album had finished. By doing this I could do things like listen to my favourite songs from the same album once the album had finished; add a new album to start immediately at the end of the current album; add songs from a different album (or albums) again to start at the end of the current album.
  20. Hi - after a month or so of stable scrobbling I've started having problems with the Last.fm official scrobbler, so I've re-enabled SLS as well. Anyone else having issues in the last couple of weeks?
  21. No problemo: Sony Z5 Compact, Android 6.0.
  22. Results ok so far with the Official Last.fm Scrobbler. I've just discovered this, for those of you who discover missing scrobbles... http://universalscrobbler.com
  23. After a week or so observation, I can confirm I'm curently getting 99.99% accurate scrobbling via the Official Last.fm app, and about 90% accurate SLS scrobbling, using the settings I described above. I'll turn off SLS soon, and stick with the official app.
  24. Another curious observation. I've created a new directory on my SD card, called mp3s. I've copied all my albums in there, and got on with the day's listening. When I delete an album via Poweramp, it goes from the album list. Also, examining the mp3s directory from File Commander also shows that they're deleted - although non-music files are still present, eg jpgs, cue files etc. Then when I hook up the phone to my PC and navigate to the same directory, all the music files are still there! How odd.
  25. It's not really a problem, as I know I've got one reliable source of scrobbling, which surprisingly turns out to be via the Last.fm app. The scrobbling settings in Poweramp are as follows: Scrobble via Official Last.fm app: unticked (was ticked until yesterday) Scrobble via Simple Last.fm app: ticked Scrobble via Scrobble Droid: unticked Last.fm app settings: Spotify unselected Rdio unselected Other music apps selected Wifi scrobble only unselected Scrobble point 50% (a bit pessimistic, I'll probably raise this as confidence with Last.f
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