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Found 4 results

  1. My download of the Dead Cells soundtrack directly from steam comes with embedded album art, and an old version of the soundtrack showed the album art just fine, but when i updated to their newer higher quality version, the album art was gone in Poweramp.. Yet the art shows fine in my filebrowser, and even in the VLC app? This is also the only affected album I have with this issue, so it might be something specific to this album? So far i've tried deleting cache, deleting the album and reimporting, doing a full rescan, I feel a bit out of options.
  2. Running files off a Samsung-brand micro SD on a Samsung Galaxy S9. Even though all of my files have complete tags as far as I can see on Android/Windows Explorer, I have files appearing under "Unknown Artist", with other tags such as album or artwork also frequently missing. Sometimes even the track title is missing. The number of tracks missing info has fluctuated between 41, and 131 (where it tends to sit). It varies so much because it seems like everything I do to try fix it jumbles around the files some more (ie. some of the tracks that were appearing there before aren't anymore, and new ones have taken their place). Here's what I've tried so far... Editing the tags en-masse in iTunes and re-copying the files over Simple Rescan (multiple times) Full Rescan (multiple times) Uninstall/Reinstall I've attached images of one album. Here you can see the missing tags in Folder view in Poweramp, along with the fully-tagged files in Windows Explorer. EDIT: should also mention I've tried several players before Poweramp and haven't encountered issues this severely with any files yet. Worst I had was some missing album artwork.
  3. Hello, Since 3 updates ago (beta version), I can no longer play audio over Bluetooth without the audio being distorted. This only happens when using the equalizer and bass boost at lower volume levels, but if I turn up the volume enough you can also hear it. This only happens when using Poweramp to play over Bluetooth. It does not occur when using any other music player + equalizer, such as Google Play Music with similar equalizer and bass boost. When I hook up my Bluetooth speaker (JBL Charge 3) with an AUX cable, it plays perfectly, just like before the issue started happening. It is not an issue with my speaker. I actually had it replaced under warranty because I thought it broke, but when I got sent a brand new one as replacement the issue still occurred. I suspect that it is an issue with my settings when the v3 audio engine was introduced. I have uploaded an audio clip here where you can hear the issue: https://clyp.it/ctnflznt. This is recorded from a normal distance, not close to the speakers or anything. This is how it sounds when playing over Bluetooth. Phone OnePlus 5T Android 8.1.0 OxygenOS 5.1.5 Poweramp beta-build-795-play (Full Version) Any tips or tricks I can try to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Sem
  4. I'm having an issue where the option to edit Info/Tags is available, but the option to Delete is greyed out. This is the case regardless of whether I try on songs, albums, artists, playlists, genres etc. Poweramp has full permissions granted under its setting in Apps. It's also not dependent on storage location - I have some music on an SD card and some on my internal phone storage, but it's the same result for files on either/or. Using v3-build-860 on Android 9 (Samsung Galaxy S9)
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