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  1. I mean I guess I understand that. I nicer approach for simpletons like me would potentially be to use a little notification prompting the user to change their settings if they tap the disabled Delete button out of frustration like I did. But hey, not exactly high priority I'd guess by the lack of posts.
  2. Wow. Well I feel like an idiot now. Such a simple solution (albiet a little out of the way). I'd tried searching the forums and Google and somehow never came across any reference to it. 😂 Thanks!
  3. I'm having an issue where the option to edit Info/Tags is available, but the option to Delete is greyed out. This is the case regardless of whether I try on songs, albums, artists, playlists, genres etc. Poweramp has full permissions granted under its setting in Apps. It's also not dependent on storage location - I have some music on an SD card and some on my internal phone storage, but it's the same result for files on either/or. Using v3-build-860 on Android 9 (Samsung Galaxy S9)
  4. Just sent the email, hope it gets through. Thanks in advance! So far this is the only example I've found of this happening with any of my Bandcamp purchases (probably around 450 digital releases). Interested to know if there's a reason.
  5. I recently added an album from Bandcamp to my library, and for some reason specifically tracks 2 & 6 (of 9) are unable to play on Poweramp. In the UI it will fail to load any info on the track for a split second, before just skipping to the following track. I thought perhaps something corrupted in the download/transfer so I copied over a fresh version, but the issue persists. Tried Rescan and Full Rescan, but to no avail. They play fine through other music players, both desktop PC and smartphone. I checked the files using Tagscan, and the file details are identical to all the other files on the album that playback just fine. The only way I've been able to get to play without issue is by swapping out the 320 kbps MP3 files with a V0 variable rate MP3 download instead... but I'd rather not have to rely on that. Any suggestions on what could be wrong? Samsung Galaxy S9 (One UI version 1.0, Android version 9) Poweramp V3 Build 828
  6. Sure this has probably been posted before but can't really find a good topic to bump for it. Since I have to scroll through hundreds of artists at a time, I like to be able to see as many on the screen at a time without clutter as possible. Right now Grid - Extra Small allows you to see the most at any given time (about 20 on my S9), but the images themselves are taking up a LOT of screen real estate, and the grid view truncates artist names making it hard to read them anyway. And the List - Compact view has so much padding between entries, I feel like that could be made much slimmer without images. I came to Poweramp from having used an iPod classic for like 10-15 years, so I became quite attached to the no-nonsense browsing of a library on that device. It would be great to have an option to remove images from List views so that space can be better used fitting more artists on the screen.
  7. Signed up for beta and saw there'd been recent updates. Tried Full Rescan on 819 and it pretty much fixed the issue - but unfortunately I still had ONE album that was suffering from missing Artist & Album tags. So I removed my microSD, did a Full Rescan, reinserted it and did both another full & regular scan and now it seems to all be fixed! I can't find any missing tags anywhere now. Nice work @maxmp
  8. Don't suppose we have an ETA on updates? We talking weeks? Months? No hurry, I work/have worked in mobile development (albeit in art/design) so I understand these things can take a while. Just curious.
  9. Thanks heaps for taking a look @maxmp. Honestly I'm not 100% sure how they're so broken, it seems like most of the affected files would have been ripped from CDs purchased around the same time (somewhere between 2009-2010) so it may have been an issue with the iTunes release around then and my particular configuration. Or it could have been that they've been carried from drive to drive and library to library for so many years. It's odd because I can vividly remember some other albums I bought at the same time as some of these, but their tags are fine... it's inconsistent, the tags seemed to have broken at random. If I still had the CDs I'd just do them again and be done with this problem, but unfortunately they're in storage in another country.
  10. Thanks, noticed it seems to be blocking the old links too now. Updated the last one (https://www.sendspace.com/file/evvj3n)
  11. @andrewilley I should probably have been more clear. I did use TagScanner to try and fix the tags once I found what they all were - I tried removing the semicoloned doubles, and even tried clearing the fields and re-entering the info. The 3 files I linked above were actually mostly fixed. 01_We_Dance_On_The_Ruins_Of_The_Stup.mp3 and 01_Invisible_Colony.mp3 are still both missing Album Artist and Artwork fields in Poweramp. As I posted above with the 2 screenshots, that Strike Anywhere album (Iron Front) splits in two now instead of those files appearing under "Unknown album". But I guess you'd not be able to witness that without having the whole albums files. My bad there. Possibly because those files aren't showing any Album Artist whereas the others are, so it's splitting that album? 01_Fake_Empire.mp3 and that whole album seem to be tagged fine now after TagScanner. The problem I'm having is that not ALL of the files were fixed by this method of using TagScanner, some even got worse and lost more tag info in Poweramp. Here's a file that was broken before TagScanner treatment and is still bust in Poweramp, failing to show Album, Album Artist, Genre and Artwork. Maybe this one will be of more help - https://www.sendspace.com/file/evvj3n (Gheez, we're really exposing some of my angsty teen years guilty pleasure music from a decade ago with all these old files)
  12. Well I'm totally at a loss for how to fix this my end. I've had to start looking around for a replacement app to use in the meantime until this is fixed. 😥 It's disappointing because Poweramp has basically proven to be the best option in most regards, it at least checks all my boxes... it's just seems to be the only player (out of the 15 apps I've tried) that has issues reading these tags, no others have created any "unknown" directories for any categories.
  13. Double post, but I've been checking through and comparing the details of tracks in TagScanner to see if I can find any discrepancies. The only differences I can see come under the fields COMMENT ITUNES_CDDB_IDS and UNIQUEFIELD. In most cases I can't see any correlation between COMMENT ITUNES_CDDB_IDS tags and any issues. I don't know what it represents but I'm assuming it's unimportant? But that album I posted above that was split in two, "Iron Front" by Strike Anywhere, was interesting - the only difference I could see between the 5 tracks grouped w/ artwork and the 8 tracks grouped w/out artwork, was that the 5 tracks have a UNIQUEFIELD tag (containing links, eg.http://www.cddb.com/id3/taginfo1.html|3CD3N39Q192715711U23851D53EDFE7AB36784B76FB44A4FDE7CCP8) but the 8 don't. Otherwise there was no differences - again, not sure if this tag has any importance or not. But yeah back to work, so I can't try anything out for a while. Are there any more advanced tag viewing/editing programs than TagScanner that are recommended, to see if I can fix this from my end in the meantime?
  14. Ok, so I worked through all the files with missing/duplicated tags in TagScanner on my desktop and re-copied them over. The number appearing under "Unknown album" by "Unknown artist" has dropped to 41 tracks and "Unknown genre" has dropped from around 140 tracks to 94. Some files that only had 1 or 2 missing tags (ie. some were missing "Album Artist") have now lost even more tags. Things are still a mess, basically. And I guess TagScanner won't let me check the tags on my phone directly, but copying files back again over to my PC showed the tags were all still intact, so they should probably be copying over with no issue. The example album I've been using, Boxer, seemed kinda fixed... for a long while the TRACK TITLES were all empty though, even after Rescan/Full Rescan and an uninstall & reinstall. But I booted the app back up when I woke up, and with its initial scan it seemed to fix that issue itself. So, I guess that's one album totally fixed somehow. (You can also see the other issue I'm having with Poweramp in the screenshot though - the wrong track appearing as now playing on the bottom. It seems to take the tags from the track with the corresponding position in the general "All songs" list.) The album with the file 6b6561 checked out, Iron Front, is no longer missing artist/album tags... but is now split into two albums for some reason. Funny enough I came across this exact topic while trying to troubleshoot, but I couldn't see any .cue files (with Show Hidden Items checked in Explorer)
  15. Thanks for taking the time to look into it. I've uploaded one of the files above to Mediafire, along with a couple others from different problematic folders just in case: **broken link** **broken link** **broken link** I tried a couple other old players I dropped along the way getting to Poweramp, and like I remembered they didn't seem to have any issues finding artist/album tag - none were listed under "unknown". But I did notice some of the problematic files were still missing album art with those players. I looked into TagScanner though and may have found the problem? The files in question are appearing with doubled-up tags somehow. It'll take a while to fix them and I need to go to work, but I'll get back you with how that goes later.
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