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  1. Thank you, but unpair and pair BT device again, did not solve the problem. I have tried it few times. One user has already described a similar problem (below is the link to the topic) Regards!
  2. Thanks for your help. I think I have to turn off the "Short Audio Focus Change / Calls" option in Settings > Audio > Audio Focus. I will test it...
  3. PA always turns the music down when it receives a notification. Is it possible to receive notifications without silencing the music and without silencing the notification sound? Regards!
  4. Hi, is there any chance to fix the error I described? I will mention that the car player has been restarted (physically disconnected from the power supply), but it did not help. When I turn off "Respond To Buttons" option in PA, the music always plays without a problem (the song doesn't scroll itself). When I turn this option on ("Respond To Buttons"), the music (when the phone connects to the car stereo via bluetooth) always starts to scroll by itself... I need some help 😞
  5. Hi, this morning I checked Musicolet player as a default player and everything works fine. It looks that only PA has the problem with FAST-FORWARD command. I'm on Build 853 version of PA, Android 10. Maybe @maxmp will find any solution? One more thing: after establishing a bluetooth connection (Fast-Forward actions, the song scrolls itself), when I press Pause-Button on a phone or a car (doesn't matter) and next I press a Play-Button, the playback stabilizes and works without problems until I will stop the engine and starts it again. UPDATE 1: (20.11.19) Rocket Player works fine,
  6. OK, but why there are no problems with Spotify or huawey'a Music player (the same car, the same android, the same phone)? I noticed situations just after the update my phone to Android 10. On Android 9 everything worked as it should be.
  7. I hope that somebody will find the source of the problem. Thank you for helping me.
  8. For 2 days (after updating my Huawei p30 pro to Android 10) I have a problem with bluetooth in the car. When the phone connects (TNS 510 navigation), the song scrolls by itself (as if I were holding the fast-rewinding button, song after song, folfer after folder). When in the car I click the next or previous song button a few times, the playback stabilizes and the music plays perfectly. After disconnecting the bluetooth and reconnecting, the situation repeats. The song sounds like fast scrolling. Deregistering and re-registering the phone in the car, clearing the Poweramp cache and bluetoo
  9. I noticed that the problem with switching between albums through the buttons in the main screen window (next album, previous album) applies to both the "advance list" option and the "random" option. When we are on the last track of the album (11/11) and we want to choose the next album, the program closes. Similarly with the first song of the album (1/11) - when you want to select an earlier album (option to switch to the previous album), the program also closes. When in the presented set-up we try to choose the next song (case 11/11) or the earlier song (case 1/11) using the song switch but
  10. When I try to switch to the next / previous album, Poweramp always closes. Switching tracks is ok. I noticed that when I switch tracks ("advance list", no repeats), after last track of the album (for example 11/11), when I try switch next track (should be first track of the next album) PA closes. Maybe there is some problem with advance list? There was no problem with switching album with the 795 version P.S. Widget works fine with albums and tracks.
  11. Save button for sorting album tracks by track number would be great, too. Can't see track number on main screen, inside folder or album. On main screen should be for example: 3/10 (track number 3 of 10 track album). Thanks in advance.
  12. Great! Thanks a lot. New PA is impressive!
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