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  1. @maxmp @andrewilley is this not possible please respond guys
  2. I want Poweramp to show the lyrics over the main ui like the screenshot I've attached.This is an old Samsung music player could be awesome if Poweramp gets this feature.This old Samsung player showed if you add lyrics and if you touch the album art it'll show up and if you touch it again it'll go away.Poweramp could really use this. @maxmp@andrewilley
  3. Did you try reinstalling it solved the problem for me try that once i have mixed source of files some in sd card and some internal storage so i suggest you do that @Austin-316
  4. Whenever i use the volume rockers while in the app the app crashes.But If i use the in player volume knob it doesn't seem to happen or when the player is in background. @maxmp @andrewilley @Andre
  5. I tried uninstalling and re installing the app.After that no issues as of now
  6. @maxmp @andrewilley i can confirm and it's so annoying after each song change the whole phone freezes for 5 or 7 seconds.Please fix this ASAP makes the app unusable
  7. That cancellation of the text in the bar is not working.
  8. Yeah found this is issue this is so annoying than all the annoyance combined.Each time i do an action the entire phone freezes.Please patch this up ASAP
  9. Please bring back the old seek bar it was way more useful and we also need a seekbar in the songs lists
  10. I also want the same feature back @Andre please start a poll
  11. I'm aslo facing the same issue.The same song before the queue plays after the queue is over
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