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  1. Frankly, when connected via Bluetooth, I get very good sound in every setting, but when I connect the CX 80, I need to make adjustments. The impedance value is probably causing a problem. It may also be due to Android 6. I tried all the music applications and Poweramp does the most active processing of the sound in my mp3 player. Model mechen h1
  2. Absolutely yes this was bad. I'll try it with Sennheiser CX 300 II and see how it sounds compared to my CX 80.
  3. What does it look like now? Is there any progress? Am I learning? ☺️
  4. Thank you. I'm trying to do it as you say, but since I don't have much knowledge, can you please share or suggest an example equalizer setting for reference? I want a clean, clear and slightly loud sound. And thank you in advance.
  5. Hello, I bought an Android 6 based mp3 player and I use it with the Sennheiser CX 80, but the noise/dirt rate in the sounds is very high. What settings do you recommend to get a clean and clear sound?
  6. Interestingly, Poweramp works much better than the application (hiby music) that came installed with my mp3 player. Once again I was amazed. 20240308_220548.heic 20240308_220545.heic
  7. I understood thank you. So there is no situation that directly negatively affects me and my mp3 player, right?
  8. Hello, first of all, I am new to the forum and please forgive me if I opened the topic in the wrong place I love the Poweramp application. I bought both the equalizer and the normal one from the play store. Also today, I repurchased the non-play store direct version for my Android 6 based mp3 player. What concerns me is that I heard about feature packages. In this case, will we have to constantly pay money for the application? Will the licenses we purchased for a fee become invalid? Could you give me detailed information about this, please? Thanks.
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