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  1. @andrewilley Is there are way to change the system default album art (Poweramp app logo). i would like to set a custom art work image that will be shown for tracks that dont have a album art. I.e instead of Poweramp app logo i want to show my own custom image, Is that option available?
  2. Can we request this as feature? Display Clock in the Navigation bar for wider screen and works in full screen as well (toggle button in Look and feel)
  3. what got me confused is that, the status bar showing 'time' the other day and next day it was not shown. I was wondering what happened and trying to find out the reason. i will have a look today, will play around each settings one at a time and try to find out what is happening. Will upload pics once i had a solid finding on the issue.
  4. @andrewilley Sorry i missed to put some details. I am using Android Ai box from Carlinkit connected to my Stock Car head unit. The version in Android Ai box is 13. The PA launcher is native and no additional skin are installed. The 'time' was not showning when i installed PA few days back but I saw the Time in status bar yesterday while making changes in the PA> settings > Look and Feel. I actually dont remember which setting changes brought the 'time' in status bar. After that i played around the Look and feel option customising to show song title and folder name. But today when i opened PA the time was not showing in the status bar. I disabled and enabled the status bar in PA and did a rest in Look and feel section, but nothing worked out. So i thought of seeking help
  5. @andrewilley In android i can see Time, Date & Day on left end of top status bar and on right side location icon, and wifi signal icon. but when i switch to PA there it only showing the Location icon and Wifi icon.
  6. Status bar is showing location and wifi signal strength but now time is not showing. It was showing sometimes before now it is not showing. Was not sure when it was shown and not sure how it disappeared even when status bar is enabled in the PA Settings. Can some one please help to bring time in status bar.
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