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  1. @andrewilley yeah, what i love about Poweramp is that what swipes do everywhere is so predictable. I don't even look at my phone. Or I don't even have to struggle to reach the edge. Even in the middle of the screen, swipe does 'back' action. I'm afraid of losing the pleasure of seamless surfing inside this app if horizontal scrollable lists come. I think it makes a bit sense that swiping left and right do the sand thing, because, think of a new page as a new layer. You push one later aside to see the one under it. Anyways, horizontal lists ruin this experience.
  2. @maxmp excuse me for interfering in this conversation. But I'm worried horizontal scrollable lists will interfere with the swipe gestures that the app uses to go back. Currently, wherever you swipe left or right, is a definite leverage to take you 'back'. But if horizontal lists come to the interface, we'll have to pay constant attention to what that swipe will do on this specific spot. App use won't be as snappy as it is right now.
  3. App sometimes tends to forget the list view setting that i set after i clean it from RAM. Steps to reproduce this effect are fully explained in screen recording. It's not limited to "showing titles only". It sometimes happens to "compact list header" option as well. It's the option right next to it. Device: Samsung A52s 5g Android 11 One UI 3.1 version: build-930-bundle-play Report Update: This also happens vice versa. if you do it on albums first and then on list, and clear app, next time you get in you'll see albums with second line and list with title only. Whichever you do last, keeps its setting. It seems, app just doesn't accept both pages to follow this setting at the same time. Screen_Recording_20220311-191850_Poweramp.mp4
  4. @Fuad Hasan What is the practical use of zap feature in daily life? Does it have any actual use? Is it really pleasant to listen to 5second cut outs of tracks? But i fully agree with a lyrics feature.
  5. @andrewilley yes. i hope it gets unified and blends in with the rest of the UI.😇 The fact that its compact form is way shorter than others, also makes it stranger in hand. Overall, having your finger reach a predictable spot every time for an action/button, is the best feel. Also Thank u for the tip/trick!! (it seems like most of my files don't get artist images because they are voice recordings. i found a few albums with a lot of serach to screenshot this)
  6. I can't understand why it's like this either. Artist header has only 1 line of text so why did it need to be 'taller'? Also, Artist pictures are mostly an album art out of the albums under that artist. They don't need a different height of space!!
  7. This is a proposal to unify the height of list headers among all kinds of lists. As you can see in pictures, the height of all list headers are similar EXCEPT artist and album artist pages, which have different heights from the rest, thus different placement of header buttons. This makes app use especially tricky for this who rely on muscle memory and habit (and don't tend to look at the screen for small tasks). Even in state of "compact list header", all pages get similar header heights, but artist page header height is still the odd one out.
  8. @andrewilley I suggested it just like the way u said. But i'm not suggesting this anymore. i take back my word. you're right.
  9. This option already exists for now-playing page. (Look and feel>player ui>hide menu) . When it's active, menu can be opened by long tap on album art. This is a request to have a similar option for list headers (which are also usually album arts). With this, the menu button on it will be hidden and it can be opened by long tap. The place for this option in settings can be under: (library>lists) ♤ It'd be great to have this. It would also make app ui more uniform for those who prefer hidden menus.
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