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Found 6 results

  1. Ever since the update to the v3 Poweramp, my pebble time steel can't change the track or pause the track through Poweramp. Is there a way to fix this?
  2. I need a shuffle all songs and play button placed in the menu where equalizer, presets and visualizer are present.
  3. I've purchased paid of Poweramp, i love this but.. 1) need a search bar on top of songs list for easy access 2) where song is playing instead of clicking on song name to access playlist need down swipe action like google play music 3) I Love this app but copy google play music gesture i would be wonderful
  4. Hey, about 1.5-2 years ao I bought the Poweramp unlocker, haven't had any problems thus far. Today I bought a new device, connected it to the same google account I have on my old device that has Poweramp, and I am asked to pay for the unlocker again. From reading a few posts on these forums and others, I should be able to download the unlocker without having to pay again for it, so how do I go about doing that? Thanks
  5. For the next version of Poweramp, would be great, if the player will have got this features: THEME like ICS/JB styleWIDGET for JB lockscreenSHARE/LIKE on FB, Twitter, G+ (Sharing a post with link to a song on Gracenote for ex.)INFO/TAGS auto-downloading (from Gracenote for ex.)PLAYING from home sites... from others devices (NAS, PC, Mobiles, PS3 on home wi-fi)NFC sharing (files/playlists) and playing via wireless speakersand few customizations like... Vizualizations - Live Equalizer or any other live backgrounds under the AlbumArt.
  6. I present to you my Poweramp theme. NOTE: I WILL NOT HELP YOU IF YOU DO NOT READ THE OP What's Themed Media Controls Time Tracker Font Color Background All Songs Icon Not Themed Anything that is not listed in What's Themed. Changelog 9-1-12 Media Controls Have Been Themed Time Tracker Has Been Themed Font Color Has Been Themed The Background Has Been Themed All Songs Icon Has Been Themed Screenshots for Latest Build Download Link For Newest Build Download Link For Newest Build This is a Alpha Vesion so there is no need to tell me what's themed and what isn't.
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