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      Poweramp v3 Project Update   04/24/2017

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss.    


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  1. Got a weird dream.. max releasin Poweramp v3 at mobile world congress 2018 later this month ...hahaha
  2. Gr8..n even d app work is goin on Strongly.. lets wait a lil bit more.. hope to hear something from max aswell
  3. Did Some1 made a contact with Max..I hope he s in Good health.. its been months since his last msg..
  4. Agreed..n next Android OS vl b updated in may ..So if max doesn't release new version by may..most probably v hav to wait for another 1 yr ...n d cycle continues..
  5. Max max wakeup.. atleast let us knoe should v expect big Surprise on Xmas or not??
  6. He said ne update vl release by this month end.. fingers crossed
  7. Agreed...i mready to pay for d new version...but atleast release it. Following this post since 1 yr.. thays too mch of a tym in todays tech world.
  8. Max seems to b havin his birthdate on 11th nov ..is it??