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Visualisation effect on Poweramp lockscreen


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Hi guys...

I really do love the music player...

I'm using v3 testing version now...

The visualisation effect are marvelous.

Sometimes I just keep my screen on for around 10-15 mins to see the effects.

Now my request is can I get visualisation effect on Poweramp lockscreen,so that I can watch them after I locked the screen?

Now I have to keep my phone unlocked to watch them...

And one thing more,can we get hi-res output for Bluetooth devices too???



Ps.- one thing more...can we get volume control on the play screen and lock screen??

Bcz I chose 100 step volume control,and so to reduce or increase volume,i have to press volume buttons several times.

It'll be helpful if we get a volume bar on play screen and lockscreen too...

Thanks again...:)

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