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  1. Thanks... The problem is solved... But a new problem arrived... The volume is too loud... I mean I'm using 100 level volume control(experimental) It works... But even at 1% volume,the volume is too high for headphone... In other media players this doesn't happen. Any suggestions??? PS.- The volume is too loud when using Dolby audio with Poweramp.
  2. Hi... I'm using Poweramp for around 3 years now... Right now I'm using v3 beta version. Now I've flashed Dolby Atmos in my phone. Now when I play a song via default music player,dolby sound works... But as soon as I run Poweramp,dolby sound effects stops. Even when I open Dolby Atmos while playing via Poweramp,dolby app crashes. Please give me a solution for this. And also make a way to use Dolby sound from Poweramp. For detailed info.-my device-redmi note 3 snapdragon. Rom-miui 8.0.6 global stable(Android 5.1.1) I've enabled hi-res output in Poweramp. Thanks.
  3. I'm using Poweramp beta v3 I've enabled Poweramp lockscreen. Now while playing a song,if I lock my phone,my phone doesn't respond to my fingerprint... I have to turn on screen,unlock Poweramp lockscreen and then my phone responds to fingerprint. Now, I've researched for sometimes and saw that after locking the device if I turn on the screen and off again,then my phone responds to my fingerprint. I don't have to unlock the phone. Just turn on the screen and off it. Then only fingerprint unlock works. Hope after giving the detailed information about the bug, it'll be fixed soon... Thanks...
  4. Hi guys... I really do love the music player... I'm using v3 testing version now... The visualisation effect are marvelous. Sometimes I just keep my screen on for around 10-15 mins to see the effects. Now my request is can I get visualisation effect on Poweramp lockscreen,so that I can watch them after I locked the screen? Now I have to keep my phone unlocked to watch them... And one thing more,can we get hi-res output for Bluetooth devices too??? Thanks... Ps.- one thing more...can we get volume control on the play screen and lock screen?? Bcz I chose 100 step volume control,and so to reduce or increase volume,i have to press volume buttons several times. It'll be helpful if we get a volume bar on play screen and lockscreen too... Thanks again...:)
  5. Did you lock the music player from recent menu??? So that miui doesn't automatically clears the app or cache??? And you are very much welcome to use the v3... It works much better than normal Poweramp... You definitely should give that a try... And don't forget to turn on hi res output audio(if supported)
  6. Awesome man... Thanks... The problem is fixed after doing that. God!!!!! How many features did you guys include in Poweramp??? The music player itself is godlike... and the alpha version much more Better than the global Poweramp. To say in simple, it's a complete music player. It gives me all that I expect from a music player...if not more... Even I don't know some of tweaks about their functions...Ha ha... Anyway... Thanks again for the awesome music player...:)
  7. Hi guys... I have Redmi note 3 snapdragon phone. With miui 8.0.5 global stable(no root) I'm using Poweramp alpha build 703(play version). Here I'm facing an issue with hi-res output. Whenever I turn it on,my songs are playing fine with enhanced audio as long as the screen is on. But after I turn off my screen,after about 1-2 mins,my songs starts lagging... It's like audio buffering... Eg, if you play a music from a class 1 memory card,it'll buffer audio... I'm facing the same problem. But as soon as I turn on the screen,the problem goes away... Now I've added Poweramp to exception to automatic system optimisation or system cleaner. still the problem is there. Ps.- if I disable hi-res output,the problem goes away. So what should I do???
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