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aNOTHER Happy camper!

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Thank you for this wonderful and excellent music player. I purchased Poweramp after just 1 day of trial and it's the best music player in the Android Market. I have always listened to music thru a dedicated PMP and didn't like the sound quality on my iPhone so went for an Android phone. Found that my Galaxy S sounded better than the iPhoney but it wasn't loud enough for me. Then I bought a FIIO E5 and thought "this is it", but after a while I felt it was to much of a hassle hooking up my Galaxy S with an external headphone amp so my search for a better player began and now I can say that I've finally seen ( err.. heard) the light.

My music sound so wonderful with Poweramp and my headphones (Audio Technica M50, Sony XB500, Technics DJ1200, Numark PHX) are getting the deserved source now, goodbye FIIO!

Anyway, looking forward to see Poweramp gapless support!

Keep them updates comin.


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