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BT Issue - Music keeps playing when using headset.


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First let me say I used to have this issue on older versions of Poweramp. It was fixed in 326 (and possible the previous version) but ever since upgrading to 330 it has occurred again.

I have a Sony Erricson Bluetooth Headset and a Galaxy S i9000 with 2.2.1

On Poweramp 326 if I pressed the answer button on my headset Poweramp would pause, and voicesearch would kick in so I can say "Call Mark on Mobile" for instance to dial Mark. When I hang up the call Poweramp would continue.

On Poweramp 330 (and old old versions) when I press the answer button on my headset voicesearch starts but Poweramp doesn't pause, instead it plays music over my headset.

Any ideas? Seems to be a 'bug' or at least a change in the way BT works in the latest version.

I'm upgrading my BT headset soon anyway but would love a fix in the meantime.


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By default, PowerAMP doesn't pause for short audio focus changes (there were dozens of requests to do so).

You can re-enable this via PowerAMP Settings => Advanced Tweaks => Short Audio Focus Change (check this one)


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