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please help me

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hallo admins, Poweramp makers

first of all, its a fantastic music player. i am very happy to have a purschased version. everything was so good so far, i had my own eq setted especially for my sony headset and for the car studio (sony carradio + jbl speakers and subwoofer) the sound quality was just amazing playing the music through jbl subwoofer, but something went wrong and am lost now.

the problem is, i accidently pressed something (cant remember actually what) and am not getting the sound i used tohl hear through headset or carradio :( all i hearing is less bass and a so-called bass with a strengh sound... i tried everthing (re-installing, test at friend's place) , but i just cant get back to the perfect sound i used to have... please tell me what to do? do i need an update or? my car and my sony are without Poweramp now :(

please help me with this!

ps: i have also posted a thread regarding this 2 days back, but i havent got anything.. internet search is not helping at all

geetings from


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Thanks for feedback. Check your preamp setting (or use any other "standard" preset, like bass).

Alternatively, you can clear PowerAMP (big 4mb app) data in Android Applications Settings => Manage Applications. This will reset everything in PowerAMP to defaults, but it also will delete Folder Playlists (just library Playlists won't be deleted/changed).

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i have tried your alternative option and it worked :D... thank you very very very much.. am now enjoying the Poweramp with my sony+jbl again :D.. if i get the same problem again in the future, then i know what to do!

if you are planning to release a new version of Poweramp, then i will be the first one to download!

once again, thank you!


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