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Music plays after phone call ends...


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Here's the situation:

Driving down the road with AUX jack plugged in, playing music through the car's speakers.

Call comes in.

Take phone off of dash and slide to answer the call.

Unplug AUX jack, as I'm now walking out of the car.

Say goodbye to person on the phone and hit "End".

Music plays out of phone speaker at max volume (or whatever setting it was in the car).

You can imagine now, that I have to rush around my home screens trying to find the Poweramp widget to hit pause. This situation can be embarrassing - depending on the music content playing. But if it's explicit, it's much worse. Otherwise, I look like the retard in the grocery store bumping H-Town as a ring tone (and no, I don't have H-Town, but now I think I should).

Currently running Samsung Vibrant with Axura Kernel

Any more information you need, please let me know.

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PowerAMP has a feature not to resume if headset has been disconnected during the phone call.

Still, some 3rd party apps can intercept all headset events, thus PowerAMP will never see them. You need to temporarily disable headset support in such apps (WinAmp, MortPlayer, other music apps) or temporarily uninstall them and check if the problem persists.


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I have the option checked to pause if the headset has been disconnected. There are no other music players installed. In fact there are hardly any programs on the phone at all as I just flashed it. Any other ideas? Thanks.

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