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Hello and big thanks for this great app.

I bought Poweramp several weeks ago and I'm really happy with it, but theres one more thing I would greatly appreciate (and I'm sure it's not only me). I believe phoenixrisen is not refering to the possibility of deleting tracks from queue, but rather to add files to "now playing" list like it can be done in Winamp.

For example if I'm listening to an album(/folder/playlist) and I want to add more tracks(/albums/folders/playlists) at the end of the currently played list, there is no (easy) way to do it, because current queue function adds the files right after current track (+ it's saved so I have to manualy clear it after I'm done listening).

Would it be possible to add feature similar to above mentioned Winamp's enqueue = basicaly just start playing what I want after current album/folder/playlist/whatever finishes + if I change my mind few songs later and want to listen to something completely different, don't save it anywhere?

That would made your app just perfect in my eyes ;)

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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PowerAMP doesn't have special now playing list. It plays lists (folders/albums/artists/all songs/playlists/etc) directly without intermediate playlist. Though, user created playlist or queue - both are direct replacement of "now playing", if you used to this approach.


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