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Add custom locations for cover search relative to the folder


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Hi guys


I'm enjoying Poweramp for a few years now and it's one of my most important apps on the phone.


Anyway... I have a tiny feature request, I swear it's tiny! :)


I am an android developer so I'm not lying you guys. Would it be possible to add an option to set a custom location(s) for the search of local artwork for the folder? Let me tell you a little bit more to give you guys a feedback from where this feature request comes from.


I have quite a collection of music and I have set up my collection such that there is a folder with songs, and then each folder has it's own "ArtWork" folder which has many artwork images (I'm using a plugin in foobar2000 which switches them).


The problem I have is that if I copy a folder like that to my phone, Poweramp will not find a cover because it will search for the image exactly where the songs are within a folder, but there is no cover there, the cover is in the sub-folder called "ArtWork".


So, would it be possible for you guys to add this option for additional place(s) where Poweramp is looking for the local artwork?

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