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  1. Hi guys I'm enjoying Poweramp for a few years now and it's one of my most important apps on the phone. Anyway... I have a tiny feature request, I swear it's tiny! I am an android developer so I'm not lying you guys. Would it be possible to add an option to set a custom location(s) for the search of local artwork for the folder? Let me tell you a little bit more to give you guys a feedback from where this feature request comes from. I have quite a collection of music and I have set up my collection such that there is a folder with songs, and then each folder has it's own "ArtWork" folder which has many artwork images (I'm using a plugin in foobar2000 which switches them). The problem I have is that if I copy a folder like that to my phone, Poweramp will not find a cover because it will search for the image exactly where the songs are within a folder, but there is no cover there, the cover is in the sub-folder called "ArtWork". So, would it be possible for you guys to add this option for additional place(s) where Poweramp is looking for the local artwork?
  2. Thanks Andre, you pointed me to the right direction. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.geekherd.realsilent Topic can be closed.
  3. Would it be possible to add an option in settings, which will control whether the OS mute option will also affect Poweramp? Currently if I set OS sound to mute, Poweramp will still be playing, although other OS sounds will be muted. I'd like to have an option whether to keep the Poweramp mute behaviour as it is now, or to be affected by OS mute option.
  4. Hi I got two things I want to achieve: 1) I want to have icons shuffle/repeat to be either completely gone, or non clickable at all. Right now I can make them "hidden" through the settings, but they reappear if I tap on the artwork. I almost never use those settings, but I find myself mistakenly tapping either of those from time to time 2) I want to have those icons gone on the biggest widget Is there any setting currently to achieve the above?
  5. Love the app ever since I bought it, and don't regret spending money on it. Don't know if it's a bug, maybe something wrong on my side, but didn't find more appropriate section of the forum. Anyways, maybe I didn't notice it before, or maybe something changed on my side (bought galaxy s4 with wolfson chip + Shure SE535) but I can hear some static whenever there is a fade in for a song at the beginning, or when there is fade out at the end. I can hear it only for a very short period of time. Is this something known, and can you point me towards some solution? I don't use equalizer, and I always use a good quality songs, 320kbps mostly, 256kbps at the very least. Lucas
  6. Good, bad, terrible idea?
  7. Hey. First of all this is great application. So great job! Secondly, some people who use foobar with certain artwork plugins, know of that feature. This is so that artwork changes with random(or fixed depended on the setting) time intervals, and changes either in linear or random way. Is it possible you couldmake this feature, so that the artwork of the song changes? Currently there is one image that is "assigned" to the song or the album and that's it. But for those (like me ) who did spend their time on doing image collections for the albums to shuffle through artwork constantly this would be a great feature. For it to work though, you would also add a configurable folder sellection. To be more precise, it would be very bad idea, to have say 20 different images in the same folder as the sound files. It wouldn't look good, it wouldb't be also good idea from organising stand of point. What I have for instance, is in the album folder, I have a folder named ArtWork, and inside it I have only the images, that are displayed in random order, when the songs from that album are played. However it can be any name of the folder, or even folders if you wish. It's all customizable, again. Anyways, any chance you guys might think of that and implement it in some future versions? cheers Lucas