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FLAC artist is not in the library, spec chars in FLAC meta


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I have several FLAC albums inside a big collection, if i start to play the flac file, it shows all the song metadata (title, album, artist) correctly.

However if i go to Artists, i can't find that artist in the list.

The other bug is that if there are national, accented characters in the song title (like á, é) the library browser shows some broken characters instead, but when i'm playing the songs, it displays correctly. It makes really impossible to search for those songs.

I can share you the sample FLAC files. My desktop music player (Banshee) can handle these files seamless.

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The Library is android system media library and it has known problems with the tags and it supports only "standard" formats.

This will change with th\e addition of custom Library implementation in PowerAMP v2.0.

In any other places, PowerAMP uses own tag scanner.


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