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HTC music player -> PowerAmp (on HTC Desire HD)


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Hi I am using HTC Desire HD and the HTC's music player, really like it's sounds enhancing option 'Dolby Mobile'.

Had tried Poweramp trial and quite like the interface. Thinking of buying the full apps. Anyone know if I can adjust the player

to sounds exactly like HTC player with 'Dolby Mobile' on? Or is it something hardware/HTC player only feature?

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The included HTC Music Player (latest stock TMOUSA ROM) seems to have serious problems with its database.

Of course there are other options--such as the included Windows Media Player, and freeware solutions as TCPMP, commercial music players, etc.

But I like the HTC Music Player, how it plays from your home screen.

I like what happens when one turns the phone landscape, and sees a shuffle of album covers. Is that a gimmick? Yes, but I like it. Kind of fun to choose an album that way, like shuffling through CDs at home, rather than from a list like in WMP.

Yet, the app seems to have serious problems with its database. Although I have tons of music on it (more than 10 GB, all on the storage card), sometimes it cannot see any music at all.

Sometimes it shows no cover art (which is especially crucial for that album shuffle view), although the cover art is embedded in each song, and if one looks at the .vin file that HTCMP put in the folder, the cover art is there too, put there by the app. But somehow, it often doesn't read it. I do the "download cover art" thing, it shows a connection to Gracenote, but some albums never display their cover art, although it is already right there embedded in each song on the album.

What is going on with this app and its database?

Ia there any fix for it?

Is HTC aware of the problem, and working on a fix?

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