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Right just go PowerAMP and need help!


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1) I make a playlist, when I play it, its fine, it plays next song etc...

a) What are those next buttons for? I click them and it starts playing songs not from my playlist. I know u have to use the swipe to switch, but what are these buttons? I can't find lke a user manual for POwer AMP

B) Is there no 'Shuffle Current Playlist' Option? Theres a Shuffle option, but it shuffles ALL songs, ie. those not from my playlist.

2) When I go and click my playlist, how do I actually play it? There's two options, enqueue and play all.... wuts the difference?

3) When adding songs to playlist is there like a faster way? Ie. say I want to make a new playlist of like 40 songs, currently I have to through each one and adding. Is there no 'mark' function which allows me to select multiple files?

Thats all for now, I really need a good music player!


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1 a. If you mean >> (or appropriate folder buttons ) - they switch current album/artist/genre/playlist or folder to prev/next one.

There is a help in Menu => Help available (per each PowerAMP screen).

1 b. It's "SHUFFLE ALL" in context menus for any list (not just playlist) or inside any list in main menu.

2. You can play playlist the same way as any other list in PowerAMP - either via context menu with play all (starts playing from first song), or shuffle all (shuffles given list). You can also select any song inside and PowerAMP will play the list starting from that song. Enqueue will put the whole list into queue.

3. There is not mark option (planned feature, though), but you can filter list (bring keyboard/search button) and add multiple songs via Select all row on the top.


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