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Voice Commands / 'OK Google' integration -- Solved (kind of)

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I use Poweramp mostly in the car and it'd be great to have some voice commands - it's hard to scroll around to find specific artists/albums when driving as I have a big library and don't really want to crash into a tree and explode just because I was busy looking for some old Iggy Pop B-side. So in the interest of safety I just swipe through songs on shuffle or spend time creating a big playlist for long journeys.


I can launch Poweramp with a Google voice command (e.g. by saying "OK Google, play Jimi Hendrix") but this only works for specific songs - asking for an artist or an album just plays one song and then follows it with the next alphabetical track from my full library. If this worked correctly it would be perfect, but I understand the problem may lie on Google's side, and they're not going to help (especially as they'd prefer people to use Play Music).


If this is the case perhaps Poweramp could have it's own in-app voice controls? I imagine it's difficult to code so maybe there are other third-party voice recognition apps you could team up with. Either way, nice work on the app regardless, it's brilliant.




Update (in case anyone else comes here looking for the same thing):


Today I found a third-party voice control app called KLets which integrates perfectly with Poweramp. The interface is poor and it's a bit buggy but it plays whichever artist, album or track you ask it to, unlike Google Now or another third-party app I tried called Utter. Apparently there's also a way to control Poweramp correctly through Google Now by using Autovoice to create new Tasker commands but I'm too lazy to go through all that. 


The main problem is that voice commands don't even work offline yet (even though they should, since the voice recognition technology itself does) so it's still not much use for driving unless you get great signal all the time. This article from last month seems to think it's coming very soon though, so I guess I'll be stuck on shuffle until then.

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I found that saying "OK Google, go to Poweramp" then giving commands, Google follows them.  i.e. "OK Google, go to Poweramp" Poweramp shows on screen "Ok Google, play [insert artist name and song name]".  It then started playing the song as requested.  Then I tried stopping it with various commands like "OK Google, stop Poweramp", "OK Google, pause Poweramp".  I then found that just saying OK Google stop or pause, also worked.  The key is simply to "put" Google into Poweramp first by saying "OK Google, go to Poweramp".

All of this works hands free speaker and through headset.

I have a Galaxy S7 purchased last Nov 2016.  My songs are on a SD Card.  Not sure if either of these makes a difference, but there you have it.

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I also have an S8. Using OK Google just say "using Poweramp play Green Day Basket Case" and it will play the song with power amp (if it's in your library).

Haven't yet figured out how to stop it using Google Music if I just say "play [song name]". Would be good to do this.


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