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G3 Poweramp lock screen reappearing after unlock

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Hey there, seems to be a weird bug...

1: on VS985 lollipop, using the Poweramp lock screen, "direct unlock" option checked.

2: lock screen via power button or screen timeout.

3: turn screen back on, flicker of default lock screen before Poweramp lock screen appears. Shows up perfectly, everything works.

4: where it gets weird.. If I quickly turn on the screen, and then click "Unlock" soon after it appears, the lock screen will disappear, leaving the default stock lock screen there.. (I have mine set as "swipe to unlock"). I swipe, and then the Poweramp lock screen appears yet again after a moment or two.

Very bizarre, and if I'm quick on opening another app on my phone during the brief moment at the end of #4, I will still be sent back to the Poweramp lock screen.

Any solutions? This is a very aggravating bug as some features clearly aren't working as intended.


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