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Quick Circle Support


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On LG phones there's a quick circle feature. The latest flagship phone the M4 has it and it's a fairly well advertised feature of the phone.


The basic concept is a small circular window on a flip case which allows you to see what's going on without opening up the cover. 


This window replaces the lock screen on the phone. If you have a flip cover with the quick circle feature then you no longer see the lock screen.


This means that when I'm using Poweramp I have to flip open the phone to see a track name, skip, etc. The stock android player does have support, but the stock android player is dross compared to Poweramp.


Quick Circle is an LG thing, but it's not the only device to start doing this, it's becoming more popular. Samsung have the Galaxy S-view. I think these types of cases will become more and more popular so it'd be a good idea to implement support for them.


Please do! :)

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