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  1. No album art on my Gear S2 even on alpha 703, even with the option ticked.
  2. I thought I'd give it a try too. I'm on stock galaxy s7 edge exynos running the alpha. If I download the file and open with power amp nothing happens. Interestingly though my phone thinks that powpower amp knows the file type.
  3. I have similar experiences with my watch. My audio book player sends data across but not Poweramp.
  4. That's not happening for me. In folders where there is nothing other than folder.png I get nothing when browsing folders/albums but I do get it when playing tracks.
  5. Yeah, I'm thinking it'd be a minor change to have it scan for those and would sort my files out.
  6. To confirm - sorting does work in album artist mode. I'd still like to be able to specify a second way to sort... ideally alphabetically or by year.
  7. I'm not sure if this happens in previous versions but .png and .jpeg cover art files are ignored. Renaming the jpegs to jpg works just fine as you might expect, but also renaming png to jpg works too.
  8. Nah, couldn't find any options there. I've no idea if it's something specific to the LG G4 I was on and the S7 Edge I'm on now. It doesn't do it on the normal Poweramp version or on the alpha.
  9. On the old version of Android before I upgraded my phone the lock screen would have a zoomed in full screen album art that looked quite neat - I didn't see it very often because I had a cover that unlocked the screen when opened. Now that I'm on a later version of Android - Marshmallow - I don't get much on the lock screen. Is this down to the OS rather than Poweramp, or am missing some settings that can bring it back?
  10. Yeah, path/folder has been my ideal sort for years, when I first got a smartphone it was a challenge to find something that did that rather than sorting by artist which usually resulted in a mess. I think though that given enough tinkering on my end I'll be able to get things sorted properly in library for once. I've been fighting tags on MP3s etc since I had a Nomad Jukebox 2
  11. I think I've worked it out Andre - I'm thinking that it is sorting by album artist but when the field is empty it's falling back to album name rather than falling back to artist. On the surface it might appear that falling back to artist would be desirable but I'm thinking that it might introduce more problems. Once I've sorted the tags and made a new set of ogg vorbis to go onto the phone I'll be able to determine if it's working. The files on the phone in the most part don't have album artist field filled.
  12. I'm on Library view and under list options I am sorting by album artist. My list however is actually showing in order of album name.
  13. That's great. It's exactly what I'm after. I've gone through and tagged everything with an Album Artist field so when I do convert the flacs to ogg vorbis and move them on hopefully it'll work.... I think I might test first just in case! Edit : So I went back in to test and it seems Poweramp has re-read the tags on my stuff and already knew who the album artist/artist was and it was already working right. I did add another album which had the album artist and some of the tracks with different artists on it and it worked exactly as I hoped it would. Edit : And that visualisation! WOO!
  14. Oh well that's handy. I've just stuck the alpha on, and the stuff on the phone is showing all as "Unknown artist". Does that mean that the field is now required and artist is ignored for albums, and only used for tracks?
  15. Did this feature arrive? I'm about to rework all my stuff so now would be a good time to sort them.
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