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SOFTWARE2TECH.COM Review and 1st User Response

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To those who care, and those who may be on the fence on Poweramp, go to the link below at Software2Tech.com and the review, the first NEGATVE response , then my POSITIVE response.http://software2tech.com/2010/10/31/android-app-Poweramp-music-player-for-android/

One Response to “Android App: Poweramp Music Player for Android”

Rob Do not install this app, it left my Galaxy S a horrible buggy mess. It is at best defective and at worst spyware. It cause all my home launcher programs (touchwiz and Launcher pro) to crash on start up, as well as froze my notification bar. it also kept poping up the warning symbol (red triangle with exclamation mark) asking me to unmount my sd card. It also Every time started up my skype every time on start up which is why I believe it to be spyware (PROBABLY trying to send sms to my contatcs in order to get them to go to virus sites or something). The only way to resore my phone to normal (uninstalling didnt work) was to factory wipe and hard reset my phone. AVOID AT ALL COSTS, or you’ll end up kicking yourself

November 2nd, 2010 at 8:10 am

MusicIsMyMistress (Forrest Salfen) Your comment is awaiting moderation. IN RESPONSE TO ROB

To any of you reading this blog and have a phone running Android v.2.2:

DO INSTALL Poweramp!!!!! I d/l’ed it last night, installed and configured it, moved several flac, mp3, m4a, oog, wav & wma audio files to my phone to test. The results were nothing short of SUPERIOR!. I HIGHLY recommend this music player for those who are audiophiles and are control freaks over their music, as i am. The current d/l is a Trial Beta and is free, but will expire when the RTM build is released to Market. A couple additions should be in the final rel. build, with a large variety of other additions and functionality in the minor releases to follow.

As an IT Infrastructure Manager, my recommendations are highly regarded in my career. With that said, if I thought that the current build is below par or written with hap-hazard code, I would not give it my approval.

So RUN, don’t walk, to the Android Market and d/l it. You will NOT be disappointed!!


MusicIsMyMistress (Forrest)

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