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The way you say shuffle and repeat is kind of confusing. When you press shuffle/repeat it says either "all songs" "current artist" or "off". When it shows all songs, when I am on just one artist, it will shuffle/repeat songs from everything on my player. But if I am listening to the dynamic queue, it will only shuffle/repeat songs from there. This can be kind of confusing.

So basically what I think you should do is just give us the option to shuffle the current playlist instead of all songs or current artist. That would mean if we start playing from one artist, that would be the playlist and it would repeat and shuffle just that.

Thanks again

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Thanks for the feedback.

Shuffle all will shuffle all songs (either from all folders or from library - these sub sets of songs can differ), but yes, queue takes priority and in any shuffle mode except OFF, it will first what is in queue, then, when queue is done it will return back where it was in shuffled all songs list.

There is no point in queue which doesn't queue anything in shuffle modes, thus queue was given priority over all lists even in shuffle all mode. Repeat modes (except repeat one song) won't work for queue at all (but it will restore the repeat mode when queue is done).

Re: shuffle current playlist. PowerAMP has shuffle modes for current or specifically selected playlist/allbum/artist/folder/genere. Depending on the source list/context the appropriate "Shuffle by" mode will be available. And if you long press (or right press arrow) some album/artist/genre/folder/etc and select shuffle button there, it will shuffle by the given list.

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