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It's driving me nuts!


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Whenever I plug in my headphones, Poweramp starts playing my last track. I don't want that! I just want to get my list of records, or whatever, but don't start playing that last track!.


Surely this must be an easy one, and one that has been requested alot. But I can't make it work, and that's a big disappointment.

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Poweramp can start to play when headset is inserted - you can disable this feature via Settings => Headset / Bluetooth => Resume On Wired Headset.

Also some applications for some reason can broadcast Headset insertion event sometimes - disabling Resume On Wired Headset option will help in this case as well.

For BT connection, there is a separate, Resume on Bluetooth option, which is disabled by defailt.

Please note, that if both options are disabled and Poweramp still resumes on connection, this means device ROM (or most probably - some other app), sends MEDIA_PLAY command, which is the same as headset PLAY button press. This is controlled by Respond To Buttons option.



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