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Remeber Each Songs Last Playing Position


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I have just started using your program. I think it is absolutely awesome. Really 5 stars!

Keep up the good work.

One thing I really would like, is for the program to remember the last playing position for each song, (or at least a bookmarking option). I listen to long mp3 lectures, and this function is absolutely necessary, since I listen to different lectures at different times. (Please note that many other products on the Market actually have this function, although be sure their general product doesn't come near yours!)

Please help me (us), I am sure many users (or potential users) will benefit from this added feature.

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Thanks for the feedback/request.

The each song playing position remembering is not appropriate for Music playing, but it's a good feature for audio book player.

I'm not sure PowerAMP will go this way though. If it's possible to add it without adding any overhead/issues for music playing (as option), it will be done.

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