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Erratic Bluetooth Behavior With Sony MEX-BT31PW Car Stereo CD Receiver

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I have a Sony MEX-BT31PW Car Stereo CD Receiver with bluetooth.  I use Poweramp and bluetooth to play music through my car speakers but the behavior is erratic.  Sometimes it changes from one playlist to another playlist by itself.  I thought that maybe I was hitting the "change playlist on screen arrow" by accident but I observed it change the playlist without me hitting that button.  I got out of my car, I pressed the "To Lock Screen" button and it changed the playlist to a different playlist by itself again.


Also, sometimes the music stops playing by itself.  For example, I will press the play button and then I will press the button on the right side of my Galaxy S4 to turn off the screen and conserve my battery and the music will also stop playing.  There are other times when the music stops playing too.  Sometimes the music will stop playing for 2 seconds and then it starts playing again.  And then, there are other times where I get in the car, hit play, the music starts playing for 2 seconds, then it stops playing and it doesn't start playing unless I hit play again.  Also, the Play/Pause button is not always displaying correctly.  Sometimes I hit play while it is connected to bluetooth and the play button doesn't change to the pause button and vice versa.

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