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  1. Poweramp is killing my battery life too on my Galaxy S8. Correction, Google's new OS Android 9.0 Pie is killing my battery life every time I used Poweramp, and I have my screen off. Just last month, I had a 6 hour car ride from Texas to Louisiana and Android 8.0 Oreo and Poweramp lasted me all 6 hours and I didn't have to charge my phone using the car's built-in charging ports. But last week, I get a notifications for an update and thinking it was a small update to fix bugs, I hit accept only to find out that my phone had been upgraded to Android 9.0 Pie. Last week, my phone went down to 4-5% in less than 3 hours while at work while listening to Poweramp with the screen off and this was after my phone had been updated to Android Pie. There's lots of links on Google about "Android Pie bad battery life", and I've been doing most of their suggestions to get my battery life back up. Turned off adaptive display, turned off wifi, turned off BT, turned off location, turned off Google auto-sync services I didn't need. Stopped any apps other than Poweramp from running in the background, set my seek bar in Poweramp to the "simple seekbar (with Pro Buttons)" in case the waveform display was draining my battery. Turned off the settings in developer settings. Put apps to sleep that I didn't need. Lowered the brightness of my screen. There have been other things in my Android and app settings I followed from Google links, I just can't remember them all at the moment. The visualizer is already turned off in Poweramp too. I haven't tried turning off auto-rescan in my Poweramp settings yet. I don't have an SD card in my S8, yet (I haven't bought one yet). Today, after my phone hit 30% after only listening at work for about 4 hours, I plugged my phone into my work PC with my USB cable. It's an old PC with no fast-charging USB ports, and my phone fell from 30% to 17% in about an hour instead of charging up (I also didn't grant my work PC access to my phone, so maybe that caused my phone to not charge? I don't know why it went down and not up while plugged into my work's PC's USB port). I also got the message from Android that Poweramp was overloading my CPU. I'm also a long-time Poweramp user. Galaxy S2, Galaxy S4, and now Galaxy S8. And Poweramp has never drained my battery like this. I flew from Asia to La, and vice versa with my S2 and my battery life was great (I did charge it a couple of times). So, I'm pretty sure the problem is caused by something Google did wrong with Android Pie. Some of the links talked about "media apps draining the battery after smartphones updated to Android Pie 9.0". I'm contemplating bringing my S4 to work tomorrow just to listen music until Google and Samsung fixes the battery drain issues. My other option is to downgrade back to Android Oreo and lose all of my text messages, and other files on my phone. What device are you using? Samsung Galaxy S8 on AT&T What version of Android? Android 9 (One UI version is 1.0) What type of ROM? Stock Google Android 9.0 Pie & Samsung Touchwiz What Version of Poweramp? The newest version. I guess that is Poweramp 2.0.6 from looking on the Google form What build number? v3-build-823-play (Full Version)
  2. No, it doesn't. In fact, if I use my car stereo player's button first and it doesn't advance or rewind, then I will use the lock screen widget on my phone's screen to skip the song. Then, later on the bluetooth will finally advance the song for me and skip the song that I want to listen to; and then I'll have to hit to rewind button because I no longer need it to skip the song.
  3. This only happens to me whenever I am connected to my Sony car stereo using bluetooth. It usually happens when I first start my car, attach my faceplate, hit play on my phone and the first song that starts playing is a song that I don't like so I hit the next button on my car stereo (I use shuffle and I haven't tried loading my iTunes playlist from my PC to my smartphone yet). After it finally decides to go to the next song (or backwards if I pressed rewind) it doesn't happen again during the rest of my car trip.
  4. Poweramp Version 2.0.10-build-517-play Samsung Galaxy S4 32gb AT&T Version (Samsung-SGH-I337) Android Version 4.4.4 I just installed CatLog and I'll run it the next time it happens.
  5. Same thing happens to me. http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/7176-erratic-bluetooth-behavior-with-sony-mex-bt31pw-car-stereo-cd-receiver/ a few seconds, not very long. When the screen is off.
  6. Same things happens to me. http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/7176-erratic-bluetooth-behavior-with-sony-mex-bt31pw-car-stereo-cd-receiver/
  7. The same thing happens to me. I wasn't sure if it was software related or Sony's hardware related. I've up the priority settings to +2 in the meantime and I don't use crossfade. http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/7176-erratic-bluetooth-behavior-with-sony-mex-bt31pw-car-stereo-cd-receiver/
  8. The same thing happens to me. http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/7176-erratic-bluetooth-behavior-with-sony-mex-bt31pw-car-stereo-cd-receiver/ It's not annoying to me and I either press pause after turning off my car or I pause it before turning off my car; and that's why I didn't mention it in my other thread.
  9. I have a Sony MEX-BT31PW Car Stereo CD Receiver with bluetooth. I use Poweramp and bluetooth to play music through my car speakers but the behavior is erratic. Sometimes it changes from one playlist to another playlist by itself. I thought that maybe I was hitting the "change playlist on screen arrow" by accident but I observed it change the playlist without me hitting that button. I got out of my car, I pressed the "To Lock Screen" button and it changed the playlist to a different playlist by itself again. Also, sometimes the music stops playing by itself. For example, I will press the play button and then I will press the button on the right side of my Galaxy S4 to turn off the screen and conserve my battery and the music will also stop playing. There are other times when the music stops playing too. Sometimes the music will stop playing for 2 seconds and then it starts playing again. And then, there are other times where I get in the car, hit play, the music starts playing for 2 seconds, then it stops playing and it doesn't start playing unless I hit play again. Also, the Play/Pause button is not always displaying correctly. Sometimes I hit play while it is connected to bluetooth and the play button doesn't change to the pause button and vice versa.
  10. Finally installed the updates for Poweramp today and it remember my lock screen settings. Thank you.
  11. I don't use bluetooth and those other options. Poweramp does not have to turn on these settings by default because I don't want a 3rd party app changing my default Android settings without telling me beforehand first and letting me either approve or disapprove the changes to the settings to my own phone. I don't want a 3rd party app deciding on its own to just decide for their users to "turn on a setting" and therefore make a "change to a user's smartphone's basic settings" like being able to view what time and day of the week and date it is and not having it replaced by a 3rd party's widget/lock screen. That is an option that should be asked for approval or disapproval, just not changed by the 3rd party app under installation of the app or updating the app.
  12. Sorry for the late response. The settings keeps reactivating itself whenever Poweramp is updated through the Google Play store so turned off auto-update apps in Google Play and I haven't updated Poweramp since March or April so that I don't have to keep unchecking the box every couple of days. No, I haven't unchecked all of the lock screen options, I use the "Poweramp Lock Screen" (Poweramp will display its lock screen if music is playing). I don't use the "Android Lock Screen/Enable Android Lock Screen" option (Android lock screen controls for Poweramp), I have a custom name on that screen and I want to be able to see the date and time, not have a Poweramp screen controls covering up my date and time and then I would have to unlock my phone and go to my calendar app to find out that date it is. Thank you.
  13. I Turn Off Enable Android Lock Screen But You Keep Turning It Back On. I want to be able to see my time and date on my lock screen but every time I turn off the option for enable android lock screen, you guys go behind my back and turn it back on. This is my smartphone, not your smartphone, quit turning back on the settings that I turn off.
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