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App asks for re-registering ...


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Hi. Just my view on Poweramp’s annoying re-registration request:


I live in China. I’ve purchased Poweramp for my Sony Z3. This model is for the Chinese market and has all Google stuff completely removed. Unless I root the phone, I cannot use any Google app, service or anything else related to Google. I use a VPN on the phone to access Google online and my Gmail account.


After the initial installation in November last year, I’ve activated the Poweramp apk via the cumbersome, but functioning, email verification routine. Then, about six week later, Poweramp asked me to activate it again.


Please answer this for me: How often do I have to go through this routine?


While I understand that the developers are trying to protect their product (namely the Poweramp apk) from online or otherwise piracy, having to routinely reactivate the apk would more than merely annoy the hell out of me.


As good a product Poweramp is, if I have to reactivate the apk on a regular level, I will simply throw it out and go elsewhere! I don’t mind paying for the apk – once – but if I’m then still suspected of piracy, and that’s what their stupid reactivation routine implies (!!), then what’s the point of paying for the apk? I might as well be inclined of thinking about downloading and using a pirated version … if I really have to have Poweramp, which – personally – I don’t.


What the developers, as a company, should think about is how much trouble they want to put their customers through before they risk losing them, purely because of suspecting everyone, even paying customers, of piracy!


I have no other software or app that behaves in such a manner and needs routinely activating!


If they do have to have a reactivation routine in the Poweramp apk, then please, program it in such a way that it is automatic once initially activated. As an IT professional with over 27 years’ experience on various levels in the industry, I would think that shouldn’t be too hard to implement!


Or perhaps the developers are simply unwilling/incapable of coming up with a user-friendly solution??


Anyway, I emailed the developers and got a fairly standard reply (as expected). What really got me bothered though is this little nugget: 


Poweramp license is check if you reset or update your device [End of Quote]


What??? Why!? And what for???


Resetting a cell phone can happen typically fairly frequently for a variety of perfectly legitimate reasons. So why require a cumbersome reactivation??


Wouldn't it be more in the interest of the user, and hence to the bottom-line of the company, to change the programming of the apk so that a license check is not required after every reset? If the developers are so darn paranoid about piracy, perhaps their programming department should get their act together rather than twiddling their thumbs!!


Whatever, after reading their reply, Poweramp went off my Sony Z3 - for good!


The last thing I need on my device, is a piece of shoddily written software that hassles me every time I need to do a reset! As good as a player as it is, it's by no means the only choice out there!


Just my two cents here. Cheers and peace to ya’ all.



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For Play purchase license is checked via Internet in first 24 hours after Unlocker installation and Poweramp next start, and if the Google Play Store check is successful, then it's never checked again, unless Poweramp is reinstalled, system is reset, or ROM is updated.



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