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Player starts randomly when headphones unplugged

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In the last 6 weeks or so, Poweramp has started to play randomly even though the headphones are not plugged in and the player has been paused


I can go into App settings and stop the app, but this doesn't always work - nor does rebooting the phone.


I have tried reinstalling the app, but that hasn't fixed the problem.


Phone Model: Xperia Z1 Compact

Android version:  4.4.4

Sony firmware version: 14.4.A.0.157

Poweramp version: 2.0.10-build-571-play (full version)

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Poweramp can start to play when headset is inserted - you can disable this feature via Settings => Headset / Bluetooth => Resume On Wired Headset.

Also some applications for some reason can broadcast Headset insertion event sometimes - disabling Resume On Wired Headset option will help in this case as well.

For BT connection, there is a separate, Resume on Bluetooth option, which is disabled by defailt.

Please note, that if both options are disabled and Poweramp still resumes on connection, this means device ROM (or most probably - some other app), sends MEDIA_PLAY command, which is the same as headset PLAY button press. This is controlled by Respond To Buttons option.


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Thanks but you have completely ignored or misunderstood my issue


The player randomly plays short burst of tracks when the headphones are NOT plugged in. It is not an issue related to resume on connection it's a case of resume (randomly) on disconnection


I can disable the Poweramp app, but it still flickers back to life and starts doing it again. The only way I've found  to disable it is to reboot the phone (and that doesn't always work)

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I've got the same issue with my Z1 Compact (4.4.4 and 14.4.A.0.157 too). There's also a Sony notification named "Headset plugged" that pops up randomly for a second and the track starts playing in Poweramp from the beginning. It also ignores media volume and starts playing music out loud despite the muted media volume. Haven't had this issue until yesterday though and I have the latest version from Google Play (as of Feb 27 2015; and a license) :\ 


It also happens when my phone is paired with a bluetooth headset. It's barely playable at all - it pauses and replays the track from the beginning every 3-10 seconds. Rebooting the phone doesn't seem to help me.


I've tried disabling "Resume on wired headset" and "Resume on BT headset".

I've tried cleaning my headphone outlet.

Didn't help any.


Uninstalling Poweramp did help; I don't have any "Headset plugged" notifications anymore; nor do I have either Walkman or Spotify start playing music randomly, so it doesn't look like a ROM/hardware issue. It doesn't seem that it sends a MEDIA_PLAY event when Poweramp is uninstalled. That's weird.

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