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Pause on dismount of volume


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As the title implies, I was wondering if it's possible to make Poweramp pause a playing track on dismount of the volume it's playing from, current behaviour is to say that the folder\file is missing and suggest a rescan, and when the volume comes back playback begins from the start of the track.

I've got a nexus 7 set up in my car as an audio player, using Poweramp as the front end, for storage I have a usb harddrive, and everything is set up to cut power when the ignition is turned off and the tablet puts itself in to sleep.
I've played around with tasker profiles, but the most success I've had is getting it to automatically play after it detects that the harddrive has mounted, the main downside of this is that it will restart if I'm halfway through a 2 hour set because the volume disappears.

Hell, even if the timeout for a missing volume could be increased (or even adjustable) that would be fantastic.

Thanks for reading!

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