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  1. Christ material design is garbage, the new UI is awful, it displays almost no information compared to the good one, adds another step or menu to almost every single user interaction that wasn't removed BuT It LoOkS nIcE. Interface elements aren't supposed to overlap. Blocked out text like that looks AWFUL, it always has and always will It was nice having quick access to the EQ/visualisation stuff by swiping from the edges instead of buttons that don't fade/can be set to transparent, or at least having most of the buttons that clutter the interface now back behind a dropdown. It was nice when back took me to the previous screen instead of the home screen. I did like swipe up and down for swapping albums, but dragging down for the now playing is actually ok too, but having the album art bubble next to every track is tacky. It shows 9 tracks on the good interface and 4 on the new one, with no obvious sign which track in the now playing list is the on currently playing, just an extra element on the bottom of the screen. I'll conceed I only play albums instead of playlists so it might work better with a couple of hundred tracks but it'd be nice to have either or, in either case a more compacted menu would work better imo. I understand that you've gotta update the look and feel so it doesn't get stale, and so you can clean things up but Poweramp started as a clean, tight interface and the design language has been more or less consistent, now it's getting changed up because ???????? It is butter smooth though, even on an older phone I have it runs really well, other than that sort by album artist bug a few other people have mentioned the back end seems pretty solid. As for people complaining about "what do you look at the interface all the time?", Yes, yes I actually do I have an android tablet built in to the dash of my car running Poweramp... I have yet to test it there but ironically the new interface would probably actually work well for me there.
  2. Two things I've noticed, first is that when I try to use gestures to skip to the next album the rating stars will show up and block me, I'll accidentally rate a track instead. Could do with an option to disable that ui element on the main screen, or even ratings entirely Other one is that I use a tablet in the car with an external HDD, upon key off the voume dismounts and tasker pauses Poweramp, however on power on the track will start from the beginning instead of resuming upon volume mount. Kind of an edge case but its be handy if it were fixed! Other than that works great, the new sound engine sounds a bit better. Top work as always.
  3. check out "project m" it's milkdrop from winamp but in android form and integrates in to Poweramp pretty well
  4. As the title implies, I was wondering if it's possible to make Poweramp pause a playing track on dismount of the volume it's playing from, current behaviour is to say that the folder\file is missing and suggest a rescan, and when the volume comes back playback begins from the start of the track. I've got a nexus 7 set up in my car as an audio player, using Poweramp as the front end, for storage I have a usb harddrive, and everything is set up to cut power when the ignition is turned off and the tablet puts itself in to sleep. I've played around with tasker profiles, but the most success I've had is getting it to automatically play after it detects that the harddrive has mounted, the main downside of this is that it will restart if I'm halfway through a 2 hour set because the volume disappears. Hell, even if the timeout for a missing volume could be increased (or even adjustable) that would be fantastic. Thanks for reading!
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