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Some questions


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- Are licenses device tied? i.e. if I purchase a license and some time later change my phone do I've to purchase a new license?
- Why do you provide two different purchase methods (web/store) which are advantages and disadvantages of each one?
- In "Poweramp F.A.Q./Is Internet connection required?" You use the phrase "system is reset", what do you mean with that? A reboot? If is the case I turn off my phone every night, does it mean that when I turn on the phone can't use Poweramp again till it has internet conection?





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The license is tied to the email account not the device. You are legal for all devices that use the same email.

Some people/some countries can not use Google Play so a different purchase method is required. Use Google Play if you can.

PA checks when you first download and a second time within the first 2 or 3 days. Once it passes those tests it does not check again under normal operation. Turning the phone off and back on does not require an internet connection once the second test is passed.

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In my opinion Poweramp is reallly good player but.. 


I would like to hide/not show albums name everywhere.

Is it possible to dissable it somehow, somwhere ?


I mean, not unknown albums, but the same feature for all songs (also with named albums). 


I looked up in options but didn'd find that feature. 

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