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More control on folder pics in folder view mode


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First of all let me thank you for the great software. However, I'd like to suggest to introduce a bit more luxury.

To the point:

Browsing my music library I mostly use folder mode. Automatic search for album art is a great feature, especially

with the ability to choose the right picture from the found variants. But unfortunately this is not extended to the

folders. As far as I understood, currently you take a first picture found for one of the files inside the folder and

use it instead of default folder icon. There are two problems here:

1. Folder picture is rarely the picture of my choice, but I did not find any way to change it at will

2. If folder contains no files (just another folders) the picture is always default.

Sometimes this behaviour drives me crazy... Hence the feature request:

a) Needed an ability to change folder picture to the picture of user's choice (pics saved for files contained in this folder

can be used as choices in the list)

B) Nested folders must be scanned for the folder pictures as well

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Thanks for the feedback/request.

1. Image in the music folder usually is the "right" picture to show, unless you have your music collection seriously mixed. PowerAMP will prefer embed art, and also it's possible to let it ignore jpegs in folders via Prefer Downloaded Album Art option in album art options.

For Select Album Art - I added possibility to change "micro" thumb shown in Folders list (and in Albums lists as well) - this will be in the next market update and sooner - on the site.

If you manually select album art for any song from the folder - it will update the micro thumb as well plus it will update Album's thumb (if album tag exists).

2. PowerAMP will show such folders only in Hier. mode, and yes, default folder icon will be shown - as there is currently no any GUI to change folder image. I will consider adding such UI, but not sure about usability of this - it's not possible to search for image for some random folder name without the song (album/artist/title) context, so I'm not sure what it should allow to select from (what images). May be the child folders images, if child folders exist.

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I have many folders like "The Who/The Ultimate Collection/CD1/". I noticed, that if you update the album art in a file in CD1, it does change the picture for all files in CD1, the folder picture for CD1 but not the folder picture for CD2 [although I think it shows the new AA in the player]. Also, as already mentioned, I would also like if the parental folder [e.g. The Ultimate Collection] would have the same picture as its subfolders [CD1 and CD2]. If they are the same, this should not be that big of a problem I guess.

Thank you

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