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MusicFx Option not showing? (Viper4Android)

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Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Rooted and running Liquid Smooth 3.2 nightly and I am having some issue the the MusicFx option. Since yesterday, the option is gone. I have uninstalled it and installed it but that did not work. 


As the title says I am trying to use it with V4A and I am not sure whether it is the rom or the app. 


Other things you might want to know:


  • Samsung GSIII Running Liquid Smooth 3.2 2014/08/24.
  • Android 4.4.4
  • Viper4Android works with other apps. 
  • Poweramp is up to date
  • Restarting the phone did not fix the problem
  • Direct Volume Control is unchecked 
  • V4A FX Compatible Mode is set to Compatible 

It used to work on Liquid Smooth 3.1 Official but not 3.2 Nightly. Thanks for reading,

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