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Did Poweramp just destroyed my Sony headphones!?


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Hi i have sony xperia z ultra and sony MH750 in ear headphones and i was listening to music with Poweramp bass extreme preset in EQ and turned up volumen and played some music then at one point in song there is loud bass and then i heard cliping/crackling/poping sound or however is that called and after that i noticed that one channel is little bit quiter (its really hard to notice difference) so my question is: is it possible that bass in Poweramp damaged my headphones and made one channel quiter or its just me thinking that one channel is quiter???????

Please reply.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for my bad English.

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Assuming you already turn the bass back down, read on. If not do that first as you may just be hearing audio clipping.


It would not be power amp, it would be the phone that did it if anything but not under normal conditions. Power amp just sends digital information the the phone. Now further, the input will never hurt speakers but the internal amplification of the head set could, if there is an internal amp. Based on the design that should never happen since its an all in one unit. If the line input is too loud you would only here distorted music. So no, there is no way the input level could do that. For example if I had a 100 watt amp at one and tried full volume on the 25 watt speaks, yes it will blow them.


If you are sure the head set is blown and not the phones output then you need to return your head set as it malfunctioned.

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