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  1. Just to recap on this. 1) if I dont use the dirrect volume controller my bass drowns the music. 2) If I use the dirrect volume controller if fixes the above but once my tablet sleeps and comes back I get choppy sounds on occasions. To fix this I turn off the dirrect volume controller and then turn it back on. (lots of clicking, not fun in a car) 3) The other issue in addition is that the dirrect volume controller seems to want to remember a volume level. So if I bring my volume all the way down before letting my screen time out, the next time I use PA the volume spikes back to that volume level. If I touch any volume control it then goes to where it should be. 4) not sure if this is normal but when selecting the option the volume changes levels quite considerably. So yeah, very buggy..
  2. Seem the loudness is gone but now its choppy sound. To fix I turn off the dirrect volume controller and then turn it back on. Now thoughts here?
  3. Well I figured it out and now I'm in a catch 22 here? If I turn on "dirrect volume controller" I get this loud volume randomness on app start, if its off I get the issue above. If it would come on after the app starts and turn off on pause I'd have it licked. I do use timmurs kernel for my car and its a must, so what do I need to tell him if PA can not fix this? Why does the dirrect volume controller have issues with kernel modifications?
  4. This may not be PA related but guessing a PA dev may know the answer? When I listen to a bass heavy song, the bass drowns the music. I first though it was my amp set up in my car but turns out that is not it. Volume changes nothing, the problem persists. Its like the DAC is pulling too much power from the N7 tablet. Can't find another music app that works with my set up to test with yet. Any ideas.
  5. When I play a new album the image that was downloaded will show up, but after the song changes it goes to the "power amp" logo. If I connect to a network it comes back after the next song change but off network it goes away after a song change. Is there a way to get that image to stick after its downloaded?
  6. Looks like dirrect volume controller was the issue. Maybe it does not like kernel modes or usb DAC audio devices?
  7. So I have a bug here that I can't seem to get around. Here is how I create it. I add a usb harddrive I run PA and find the music. I play a song and before its done I close PA When I load power amp back up the song is still there and its not playing. If I hit play nothing plays. To fix. I can go to the next song or choose another song and then it plays. There is no way to resume playing, its like the software is confused or stuck. This is only the case on removable drives. Could a dev try and recreated this?
  8. I'm not sure what I changed but if I exit the app and bring it back up the volume is very loud. Even more interesting the volume level display has not changed, So to fix this I just touch the volume control and its corrected. The issue here is it hurt my hears because its like the volume is at max?
  9. Assuming you already turn the bass back down, read on. If not do that first as you may just be hearing audio clipping. It would not be power amp, it would be the phone that did it if anything but not under normal conditions. Power amp just sends digital information the the phone. Now further, the input will never hurt speakers but the internal amplification of the head set could, if there is an internal amp. Based on the design that should never happen since its an all in one unit. If the line input is too loud you would only here distorted music. So no, there is no way the input level could do that. For example if I had a 100 watt amp at one and tried full volume on the 25 watt speaks, yes it will blow them. If you are sure the head set is blown and not the phones output then you need to return your head set as it malfunctioned.
  10. Any way to make automateit interface with the pause feature? I want to pause and un pause on usb plugged in /unplugged.
  11. More then likely will not, I always get the tricky ones. Are you on android 4.4.4 ? UPDATE: it half worked. Still missing a few folders.
  12. have you increased the buffer size? (advanced settings menu)
  13. Not all of my songs are sorting to artists and albums like they used to, when I reboot I see a bit more but never the full list. I tried doing a rescan but I remember this full scan option I can't find at the moment. The reaming un tag songs are under the unknown artist/song/album. Yes this is 4.4.4 are we still having issues with that?
  14. I was certain this was asked before but I can't find the post. When I put my tablet in to sleep mode and come back the song starts over? I know I can have the song pause but I want it to remember the play position? I read the bit about non stock roms but that is not my case.
  15. Had to delete cache and data to fix it. Though I do check my usb storage in the list.
  16. I dont know what I did but all of my folders (CDs) now show up with two track for each. The files are still good one file per song but they show twice when Qued. I tred to refresh, no luck.
  17. I hope to see this in 3.0 but as of now I have to use mods to make the defult out usb in the OS. Works great for now.
  18. Just and only a FYI, I use a bluetooth remote with PA. Works with no config nessecery. Its a bit limited but has the major featurs. Actully its controlling the OS and common media buttons.
  19. No buddy is telling you what to do? Simple programs out there to batch procces mp3's. I have a rather large collection and can Genre thousands at once with a simple click using the likes of Abander TagControl.
  20. You dont need regular expressions for that, just name your tags properly. Genre for exmaple.
  21. Both suggestion have been mentioned already and we are hoping to see one or both in 3.0.
  22. ulao

    Car Mode

    I use http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2218231 works great with power amp.
  23. yeah one of my bigger issues, especial the tiny track font.
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