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Media search freezes

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Maybe I have the same problem as in this thread, but I don't think so.





I first find my problem when added some new songs. The player didn't find this new songs and when I did a manual search i just wait forever. First time I find out I was in a car with Bluetooth playback, It searched and searched and then get back to main screen (of app) and stoped play, the car still thougt it was connected, but I wasn't available to resume. About one minute later the car find out that the connection was broken and disconnected to connect again and had possibility to resume playing.



I tried some fault searching with deselect all new music folders with no progress, this also "destroyed" my playlists, there were emptied while music was gone.


Some day later my evaluation period was gone so I had no possibility to find the problem.


For a while I tried other music players but didn't find any I really liked, with good cue function and cue file separated "album files" support.


Today I a bit against my will I bought the player, cleared all player data (My playlists was destroyed long time ago anyway) and also deselected all my music folders.


While activate one folder by one and made a media search after each add i could find when the error accrued. The fault seemed to be two WAVE files, but no other players did have problems with this (At least not that much as they didn't read any new album information about new added music and block of adding new music to playlist)


This took a lot of time to find! Especially when the broken songs wasn't newly added, but must been destroyed during some tag update or something like.


If just the media search should write which song it's scanning there should be very easy to find out which file/folder it has problems with.


While playlists are depending of which songs are on the phone you don't want to deactivate folder for folder, this will destroy the whole playlist library.


First I was sure about buying the app while evaluation was getting out, but with this problems at last days of evaluation and loss of playlist and so on I was very sure about not buing the app for some time.


Instead of just make some suspicious hang it should tell which file/folder it's problem with, or maybe simply ignore it, but it would be worse. Now It just scans till the faulty file and "quit" without finding any new songs. It can find the folders but it's not possible to play the songs.

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