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  1. I have use the alpha version for some time, I really happy about it. But i have some problem showing up a couple of times, sometimes when l add an new folder ie an audio book all other folders disappears from the library, and of course also all corresponding history like most played etcetera. Other than that i haven't found any problems with the alpha. Only function I would like to see in beta/release is "profiles". Ie one for the audiobook for the car trip and another for the music playing at home. Maybe also automatic selectable by the connection. Depending of Bluetooth connection
  2. I also think you can add the song to que and it will be played next. But think it depends of your que settings also. I'm not very happy about the shuffle function, it often plays same artist at a row. Recently switched phone and added some music, of ~500 songs about 200 are played, while some are played 6-8 times. All time used shuffle.
  3. Started a new thread, but think this is what I want.. I WANT IT TOO
  4. I also think this sounds like a nice feature! Maybe even more useful if you listen to audio books or things like.
  5. I really like the player! But recently I've been start missing "profiles". I saw that the question has been asked for before. It would be really nice to have different cues, say I'm listen to a audio book in car, and want to resume where I stopped, but at work I want to listen to my music. Maybe there is a festival where it's time to evaluate what to see and what not too see, then it would be nice with a cue with this artists. I can see a couple of needs for this. It's possible to use differnt players, but it would be much nicer to have just one. It would also maybe bee nice to have auto cu
  6. Maybe I have the same problem as in this thread, but I don't think so. http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6205-app-constantly-freezes-when-searching/ I first find my problem when added some new songs. The player didn't find this new songs and when I did a manual search i just wait forever. First time I find out I was in a car with Bluetooth playback, It searched and searched and then get back to main screen (of app) and stoped play, the car still thougt it was connected, but I wasn't available to resume. About one minute later the car find out that the connection was broken an
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