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You Nailed It!!

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Congrats on your fine effort in this App! I have been waiting for too long for exactly this Music App... one that plays flac! I only visit the Market once in a blue moon, but I did today, saw Poweramp, downloaded and installedit, configured it and......WOW!!! I live on the fairway of a gold cource here in Northern San Diego County and I was out in the middle of the fairway with my Incredible, SkullCandy earplugs danbing my ass off to the Jefferson Starship (flac)...until about 30 mins ago (2330 PDT)... You have made me a VERY Happy Camper!!!

One suggesstion: The ability to save custom EQ settings. Other than that... It is the best App I have on my phone!!!

As soon as it is available for purchase I will do it in a hearbeat!!!

Thank you SO much!!!


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I'll add my comment here instead of starting a new topic. THANKS!!! You just saved me $ 179 on a new Zune and one more piece of gear to carry around. With this app and a $100 32GB MicroSD I can have my tunes and EQ too. I consider myself a discerning listener and the EQ that's been available (or lack thereof) in ANY segment of the phone market and most of the mainstream MP3 player market is an embarrassment to the manufacturers. Apple's and Microsoft's lack of user control is ridiculous and lazy. Here, you have solved my problem and done it well for a steal. $5???? I would have gladly paid $20.... maybe $50.

I'll echo the request above as I use this via Bluetooth link to my primary stereo at home and two different headsets and each have their own unique sound profile. It would be nice to be able to select which device I'll be using for output versus changing the EQ manually for each device.

Also, kudo's on your user/developer interface. This reminds me of another program that I'm a user of and the developer follows this format and it's been very successful. XYPlorer as a Windows Explorer replacement. Well done.

Thanks again, I'll sing your praises to anyone that has an Android phone. This is a MUST HAVE application.


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