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EQ keeps turning itself back on? Any way to disable it on all tracks?


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I have been a Poweramp user for a while now and recently discovered viper 4 android.

Sadly it requires the Poweramp eq to be turned off or else there is audio clipping. However the eq keeps turning itself back on. Is there a setting or something I am missing to disable the eq?

Thank you!

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I would also like the option to completely disable the EQ (including player UI shortcut) as it seems that many others do also.  It's kind of ridiculous that this feature is shoved in a users face, limiting other valuable features (such as search), considering so many people use external audio plugins (Beats, Viper, etc).  


Please provide an option in the settings to completely disable the EQ and all UI elements of it (perhaps replace UI element with settable shortcut).


Thank you.

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